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SOSI2OSM(1) General Commands Manual SOSI2OSM(1)


sosi2osm – SOSI to OSM converter


sosi2osm [ sosi file ] [ lua file ]


This manual page documents briefly the sosi2osm program.

This utility is capable of converting SOSI files (usually with the .sos
extension) to .osm files. A SOSI file is a geospatial vector data for‐
mat used for exchange of geograhical information in Norway. Osm-files
are used by the OpenStreetMap community.

In order to do a conversion you specify the name of the SOSI-file and
one .lua file. Then the .osm file will be written to stdout. The lua
file is used to tell which tags are converted into which tags. A number
of .lua files are bundled together with the package:


If no conversion of tags is necessary, one may simply run it like this:

sosi2osm input.sos default.lua > output.osm

For converting address nodes, use:

sosi2osm input.sos adresser.lua > output.osm

Please open the lua-files and see what they do.


There are no command line options.


This manual page was written by Ruben Undheim , for the Debian project (and may be used by others).

October 04, 2014 SOSI2OSM(1)

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