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unity – wrapper for starting the unity shell and handling fallback


unity [options]


The unity program can be used to start the Unity shell as a compiz mod‐
ule, and to specify how to handle logging, debugging, as well as how to
deal with the user’s profile.


Runs unity under debugging (using gdb or another debugger tool)
to help tracking issues. Should only be used on request from a
developer following a bug report.

–compiz-path COMPIZ_PATH
Runs the compositor from a non-standard location.

Runs Unity under gdb and prints a stack trace on crash.

-h, –help
Prints a usage message and exits.

–log filename
This parameter, followed by a path or filename, tells the Unity
shell to store logs in the specified file.

Deprecated option for backwards compatibility. Has no effect.

Resets the default Launcher icons.

-v, –version
Shows the program version number and exits.



unity-panel-service (1)

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