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UXTERM(1) X Window System UXTERM(1)


uxterm – X terminal emulator for Unicode (UTF-8) environments


uxterm [ xterm-options ]


uxterm is a wrapper around the xterm program that invokes the latter
program with the “UXTerm” X resource class set. All arguments to
uxterm are passed to xterm without processing; the -class and -u8
options should not be specified because they are used by the wrapper.
See the xterm manual page for more information on xterm-options.

The environment’s locale settings (see “ENVIRONMENT” below) are used to
discern the locale’s character set. If no current locale can be deter‐
mined, the locale “en_US” (the English language as used in the terri‐
tory of the United States) is assumed. The locale utility is used
to determine whether the system supports the selected locale. If it
does not, uxterm will exit with an error and report the output of

Note: uxterm may produce unexpected results if the current locale is
set to one in which the UTF-8 character encoding is not supported, or
if fonts using the ISO 10646-1 character set are not available. In the
Debian system, the “xfonts-base” package provides the fonts that uxterm
uses by default. To change the fonts uxterm uses, edit the
/etc/X11/app-defaults/UXTerm file.

A similar wrapper, koi8rxterm, is available for KOI8-R environments.

The values of these variables are checked, in order, to deter‐
mine the character set used by the current locale.


Thomas Dickey


locale, locale(7), koi8rxterm, xterm

Patch #322 2016-01-02 UXTERM(1)

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