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WINEPATH(1) Wine Programs WINEPATH(1)


winepath – Tool to convert Unix paths to/from Win32 paths


winepath option {path}


winepath is a tool to convert a Unix path to/from a Win32 (short/long)
path compatible with its Microsoft Windows counterpart.

If more than one option is given then the input paths are output in all
formats specified, in the order long, short, Unix, Windows. If no
option is given the default output is Unix format.


-u, –unix
converts a Windows path to a Unix path.

-w, –windows
converts a Unix path to a long Windows path.

-l, –long
converts the short Windows path of an existing file or directory
to the long format.

-s, –short
converts the long Windows path of an existing file or directory
to the short format.

-0 separate output with \0 character, instead of a newline.

-h, –help
shows winepath help message and exit.

-v, –version
shows version information and exit.


Bugs can be reported on the Wine bug tracker ⟨⟩.

winepath is part of the Wine distribution, which is available through
WineHQ, the Wine development headquarters ⟨⟩.


Wine documentation and support ⟨⟩.

Wine 1.6.2 November 2010 WINEPATH(1)