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X11PERFCOMP(1) General Commands Manual X11PERFCOMP(1)


x11perfcomp – X11 server performance comparison program

x11perfcomp [ -r | -ro ] [ -l label_file ] files


The x11perfcomp program merges the output of several x11perf runs
into a nice tabular format. It takes the results in each file, fills
in any missing test results if necessary, and for each test shows the
objects/second rate of each server. If invoked with the -r or -ro
options, it shows the relative performance of each server to the first

Normally, x11perfcomp uses the first file specified to determine which
specific tests it should report on. Some (non-DEC ūüôā servers may fail
to perform all tests. In this case, x11perfcomp automatically substi‚Äź
tutes in a rate of 0.0 objects/second. Since the first file determines
which tests to report on, this file must contain a superset of the
tests reported in the other files, else x11perfcomp will fail.

You can provide an explicit list of tests to report on by using the -l
switch to specify a file of labels. You can create a label file by
using the -label option in x11perf.


x11perfcomp accepts the options listed below:

-r Specifies that the output should also include relative
server performance.

-ro Specifies that the output should include only relative
server performance.

-l label_file Specifies a label file to use.

There are no X defaults used by this program.


X(7), x11perf

Mark Moraes wrote the original scripts to compare servers.
Joel McCormack just munged them together a bit.

X Version 11 x11perf 1.6.0 X11PERFCOMP(1)

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