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xkbvleds General Commands Manual xkbvleds


xkbvleds – XKB extension user utility


xkbvleds [-indpy ] [-watch ] [[-+]automatic] [[-+]explicit] [[-+]name] [[-+]real] [[-+]virtual] [-intersection] [-union]


This program is used to display the state of LEDs on an XKB keyboard.
It reports the changes in the fundamental components of the XKB state
which includes the effective compatibility state. The default set of
LEDs is -union +name +automatic +real.


Mask of LEDs to watch

turn on synchronization

(Don’t) watch automatic LEDs

(Don’t) watch explicit LEDs

∓name (Don’t) watch named LEDs

∓real (Don’t) watch real LEDs

(Don’t) watch virtual LEDs

Watch only LEDs in all desired sets

-union Watch LEDs in any desired sets

-help print list of options and exit

print program version and exit

X Version 11 xkbutils 1.0.4 xkbvleds

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