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avahi-publish-service – Register an mDNS/DNS-SD service or host name or
address mapping using the Avahi daemon


avahi-publish -s [options] name service-type port [TXT data …]

avahi-publish-service [options] name service-type port [TXT data …]

avahi-publish -a [options] host name address

avahi-publish-address [options] host name address


Register an mDNS/DNS-SD service or host name/address mapping using the
Avahi daemon.


When calling in service registration mode, specify a DNS-SD service
name (e.g. “Lennart’s Files”), a service type (e.g. _http._tcp) and an
IP port number for the service, optionally followed by any number of
TXT record strings on the command line. When calling in address/host
name registration mode specify a fully qualified host name and an
address (IPv4 or IPv6).

-s | –service
Register a service. avahi-publish-service is equivalent to
avahi-publish -s.

-a | –address
Register an address/host name mapping. avahi-publish-address is
equivalent to avahi-publish -a.

-v | –verbose
Enable verbose mode.

-H | –host= HOST


Specify a host name for this service, in case it doesn’t reside
on the local host. This host name needs to be fully qualified
and resolvable using mDNS or unicast DNS.

-d | –domain= DOMAIN
Publish the service in the specified domain. If omitted the
Avahi daemon will publish it in its default domain (usually

–subtype= SUBTYPE
Register the service with an additional subtype in addition to
the main type. DNS-SD subtypes have the form
_anon._sub._ftp._tcp, where _anon is the identifier of the sub‐
type and _ftp._tcp is the main type. You may pass this option
multiple times to register the service with multiple subtypes.

-f | –no-fail
Don’t fail if the daemon is not found running. Instead, wait
until it appears. If it disconnects, try to reconnect.

-h | –help
Show help

-V | –version
Show version information.

The Avahi Developers ;
Avahi is available from http://avahi.org/


avahi-resolve, avahi-browse, avahi-daemon(8)


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