axi-cache Man page

AXI-CACHE(1) User Commands AXI-CACHE(1)


axi-cache – query the Apt Xapian Index


axi-cache [options] command [args]


Query the Apt Xapian index.

search commands:

axi-cache again [query] repeat the last search, possibly adding query terms

axi-cache help
show a summary of commands

axi-cache info
print information about the apt-xapian-index environment

axi-cache last [count] show the last results again

axi-cache more [count] show more terms from the last search

axi-cache rdetails pkgname[s] show details of reverse relationships for the given packages

axi-cache search [terms] start a new search

apt-cache front-ends:

axi-cache depends pkgname[s] run apt-cache depends pkgname[s]

axi-cache madison pkgname[s] run apt-cache madison pkgname[s]

axi-cache policy pkgname[s] run apt-cache policy pkgname[s]

axi-cache rdepends pkgname[s] run apt-cache rdepends pkgname[s]

axi-cache show pkgname[s] run apt-cache show pkgname[s]

axi-cache showpkg pkgname[s] run apt-cache showpkg pkgname[s]

axi-cache showsrc pkgname[s] run apt-cache showsrc pkgname[s]


show program’s version number and exit

-h, –help
show this help message and exit

-s SORT, –sort=SORT
sort by the given value, as listed in
/var/lib/apt-xapian-index/values. Add a ‘-‘ to reverse sort

–tags show matching tags, rather than packages

suggest words for tab completion of the current command line
(type is ‘plain’ or ‘partial’)

–last use ‘show –last’ to limit tab completion to only the packages
from the last search results

–all disable pagination and always show all results. Note that search
results are normally sorted by relevance, so you may find mean‐
ingless results at the end of the output

axi-cache 0.47 August 2016 AXI-CACHE(1)