expect_cryptdir Man page

CRYPTDIR(1) General Commands Manual CRYPTDIR(1)


cryptdir – encrypt/decrypt all files in a directory


cryptdir [ dir ] decryptdir [ dir ]

cryptdir encrypts all files in the current directory (or the given
directory if one is provided as an argument). When called as decrypt‐
dir (i.e., same program, different name), all files are decrypted.

When encrypting, you are prompted twice for the password as a precau‐
tionary measure. It would be a disaster to encrypt files with a pass‐
word that wasn’t what you intended.

In contrast, when decrypting, you are only prompted once. If it’s the
wrong password, no harm done.

Encrypted files have the suffix .crypt appended. This prevents files
from being encrypted twice. The suffix is removed upon decryption.
Thus, you can easily add files to an encrypted directory and run crypt‐
dir on it without worrying about the already encrypted files.


The man page is longer than the program.


“Exploring Expect: A Tcl-Based Toolkit for Automating Interactive Pro‐
grams” by Don Libes, O’Reilly and Associates, January 1995.


Don Libes, National Institute of Standards and Technology

1 January 1993 CRYPTDIR(1)

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