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FONTTOSFNT(1) General Commands Manual FONTTOSFNT(1)


fonttosfnt – Wrap a bitmap font in a sfnt (TrueType) wrapper


fonttosfnt [ options ] -o file.ttf [ — ] font…


Wrap a bitmap font or a set of bitmap fonts in a sfnt (TrueType or
OpenType) wrapper.


-v Be verbose.

-c Do not crop glyphs. This usually increases file size, but may
sometimes yield a modest decrease in file size for small charac‐
ter cell fonts (terminal fonts).

-b Write byte-aligned glyph data. By default, unaligned data is
written, which yields a smaller file size.

-r Do not reencode fonts. By default, fonts are reencoded to Uni‐
code whenever possible.

-g n Set the type of scalable glyphs that we write. If n is 0, no
scalable glyphs are written; this is legal but confuses most
current software. If n is 1, a single scalable glyph (the unde‐
fined glyph) is written; this is recommended, but triggers a bug
in current versions of FreeType. If n is 2 (the default), a
sufficiently high number of blank glyphs are written, which
works with FreeType but increases file size.

-m n Set the type of scalable metrics that we write. If n is 0, no
scalable metrics are written, which may or may not be legal. If
n is 1, full metrics for a single glyph are written, and only
left sidebearing values are written for the other glyphs. If n
is 2, scalable metrics for all glyphs are written, which
increases file size and is not recommended. The default is 1.

— End of options.


Some of the font-level values, notably sub- and superscript positions,
are dummy values.


X(7), Xserver(1), Xft(3x). Fonts in X11.


The version of Fonttosfnt included in this X.Org Foundation release was
originally written by Juliusz Chroboczek for the
XFree86 project.

X Version 11 fonttosfnt 1.0.4 FONTTOSFNT(1)

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