gdal-config Man page

gdal-config General Commands Manual gdal-config


gdal-config – gdal-config determines various information about a GDAL


gdal-config [OPTIONS] Options:
[–prefix[=DIR]] [–libs] [–cflags] [–version] [–ogr-enabled] [–formats]


This utility script (available on Unix systems) can be used to
determine various information about a GDAL installation. It is normally
just used by configure scripts for applications using GDAL but can be
queried by an end user.

the top level directory for the GDAL installation.

The libraries and link directives required to use GDAL.

The include and macro definition required to compiled modules using

Reports the GDAL version.

Reports ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to standard output depending on whether OGR
is built into GDAL.

Reports which formats are configured into GDAL to stdout.

GDAL Tue Apr 5 2016 gdal-config