gst-xmlinspect-0.10 Man page

GStreamer(1) General Commands Manual GStreamer(1)


gst-inspect – print info about a GStreamer plugin or element


gst-inspect [OPTION…] [PLUGIN|ELEMENT]


gst-inspect is a tool that prints out information on available
GStreamer plugins, information about a particular plugin, or informa‐
tion about a particular element. When executed with no PLUGIN or ELE‐
MENT argument, gst-inspect will print a list of all plugins and ele‐
ments together with a summary. When executed with a PLUGIN or ELEMENT
argument, gst-inspect will print information about that plug-in or ele‐


gst-inspect accepts the following arguments and options:

PLUGIN Name of a plugin

ELEMENT Name of an element

–help Print help synopsis and available FLAGS

GStreamer info flags to set (list with –help)

-a, –print-all
Print all plugins and elements

Print a machine-parsable list of features the specified plugin
provides. Useful in connection with external automatic plugin
installation mechanisms.

GStreamer debugging flags to set (list with –help)

GStreamer info and debugging flags to set (list with –help)

GStreamer info flags to set Enable printout of errors while
loading GStreamer plugins

Add directories separated with ‘:’ to the plugin search path


gst-feedback(1), gst-launch(1), gst-typefind


The GStreamer team at

December 2005 GStreamer(1)