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i7z General Commands Manual i7z


i7z – A better i7 (and now i3, i5) reporting tool for Linux.


i7z [OPTION], [OPTION] is optional. i7z needs to be run in super user
(root) mode.


i7z runs the i7z, ncurses based, program without any options. i7z will
print out the C-states and temperature for i3, i5 and i7 based Core
processors from Intel (including Nehalems, Sandy Bridge and Ivy


-h, –help show the list of options available with the i7z tool.

-w [a|l], –write [a,l] Logging of the frequencies can be turned on
with this options. Option “-w a” or “–write a” will append to the log
file. Option “-w l” or “–write l” will replace the log file.

-l, –logfile [FILENAME] Change the log file name to the specified
FILENAME. Default logging file is cpu_freq_log.txt (single socket) or
cpu_freq_log_dual%d.txt (dual socket, %d is either 0, 1).

–socket0 [SOCKETNUM], –socket1 [SOCKETNUM] The tool can print infor‐
mation for about 2 sockets at once at the most. The top view will be,
by default, of the first socket (controlled by –socket0) and the bot‐
tom view will be of the second socket (controlled by –socket1). Supply
the appropriate value of 0 or 1 or more for SOCKETNUM (if there are
more sockets on the machine) to show in the top and bottom view.

–nogui Disable the GUI. Useful when the only need is logging.

To print for two sockets and also change the log file (log to /tmp/log‐

i7z –socket0 0 –socket1 1 -logfile /tmp/logfilei7z -w l


Do report bugs or feature enhancement as an issue at

Written in 2010, by Abhishek Jaiantilal (abhirana @ gmail.com). i7z is
licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) ver‐
sion 2.

20 July 2012 i7z