intel_aubdump Man page

intel_aubdump General Commands Manual intel_aubdump


intel_aubdump – Launch an application and capture rendering to an AUB


intel_aubdump [OPTION]… — COMMAND [ARGUMENTS]


Run COMMAND with ARGUMENTS and dump an AUB file that captures buffer
contents and execution of the i915 GEM application.

-v Enable verbose mode.

–help Output a usage message and exit.

-o FILE, –output=FILE
Write the trace output to the file FILE. Default is COM‐

Override the PCI ID of the drm device. This is useful for get‐
ting an aub dump for a different generation of GPU. In this mode
intel_aubdump will intercept but not forward the execbuffer2
ioctl, as that would typically cause a GPU hang.

intel_aubdump -v –output=stuff.aub — glxgears -geometry 500×500
Launches glxgears with its -geometry option and enables aub
dumping with the -v and –output=stuff.aub options.

X Version 11 intel-gpu-tools 1.14 intel_aubdump

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