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intel_gpu_top General Commands Manual intel_gpu_top


intel_gpu_top – Display a top-like summary of Intel GPU usage


intel_gpu_top [ parameters ]


intel_gpu_top is a tool to display usage information of an Intel GPU.
It requires root privilege to map the graphics device.

-s [samples per second] number of samples to acquire per second

-o [output file] collect usage statistics to [file]. If file is “-“, run non-
interactively and output statistics to stdout.

-e [“command to profile”] execute a command, and leave when it is finished. Note that the
entire command with all parameters should be included as one

-h show usage notes

intel_gpu_top -o “cairo-trace-gvim.log” -s 100 -e “cairo-perf-trace
will run cairo-perf-trace with /tmp/gvim trace, non-interac‐
tively, saving the statistics into cairo-trace-gvim.log file,
and collecting 100 samples per second.

Note that idle units are not displayed, so an entirely idle GPU will
only display the ring status and header.


Some GPUs report some units as busy when they aren’t, such that even
when idle and not hung, it will show up as 100% busy.

X Version 11 intel-gpu-tools 1.14 intel_gpu_top