kbdinfo Man page

KBDINFO(1) General Commands Manual KBDINFO(1)


kbdinfo – obtain information about the status of a console


kbdinfo [-C DEVICE] getmode [text|graphics]

kbdinfo [-C DEVICE] gkbmode [raw|xlate|mediumraw|unicode]

kbdinfo [-C DEVICE] gkbmeta [metabit|escprefix]

kbdinfo [-C DEVICE] gkbled [scrolllock|numlock|capslock]


kbdinfo is an interface to KDGETMODE, GKBMODE, GKBMETA and GKBLED
ioctls. Its primary use case is to query the status of the given CON‐
SOLE (or the currently active one, if no -C option is present) from a
shell script.

If the final value argument is not specified, kbdinfo will print the
result of the desired ioctl to the standard output. Otherwise, the
given value is compared to the actual result, and the utility will exit
with a status code of 0 for a match, 1 otherwise. No text is printed
for this style of invocation.




kbdinfo is Copyright © 2011 Alexey Gladkov .

This manual page was written by Michael Schutte for
the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

June 2011 KBDINFO(1)