lucli Man page

LUCLI(1) General Commands Manual LUCLI(1)


lucli – command line interface to the Lucene full-text indexing library




lucli is a program that allows you to work directly with Lucene
indexes. Once inside lucli you can use the following commands:

count Return the number of hits for a search. Example: count foo

Explanation that describes how the document scored against
query. Example: explain foo

help Display help about commands

index Choose a different lucene index. Example index my_index

info Display info about the current Lucene index. Example: info

Optimize the current index

quit Quit/exit the program

search Search the current index. Example: search foo

terms Show the first 100 terms in this index. Supply a field name to
only show terms in a specific field. Example: terms

tokens Does a search and shows the top 10 tokens for each document.
Verbose! Example: tokens foo


lucli was written as a part of Lucene, the Java full-text indexing
library. See for more information.

This manual page was written by Jan-Pascal van Best , for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

September 4, 2007 LUCLI(1)