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lxterm General Commands Manual lxterm


lxterm – locale-sensitive wrapper for xterm


lxterm [ xterm-options ]


lxterm is a wrapper around the xterm program that invokes xterm,
koi8rxterm, or uxterm as appropriate, based on the user’s locale
setting. All arguments to lxterm are passed to xterm without process‐
ing; the -class, -k8, and -u8 options should not be specified because
they are used by koi8rxterm and uxterm. See the xterm manual page for
more information on xterm-options.

The locale utility is used to determine the character set used by
the current locale. If the character set is UTF-8, uxterm is invoked;
if the character set is KOI8-R, koi8rxtem is invoked; otherwise,
‘plain’ xterm is invoked.


Branden Robinson


locale, koi8rxterm, uxterm, xterm

Debian Project 2004-12-19 lxterm