mkgmap Man page

MKGMAP(1) General Commands Manual MKGMAP(1)


mkgmap – Generate Garmin maps from OpenStreetMap data


mkgmap [options] files.osm …


This manual page documents briefly the mkgmap command.

mkgmap is a program that converts OpenStreetMap (OSM) data into a map
that can be loaded onto a Garmin GPS device. The mapping between OSM
features and the features in the map can be completely customized by
writing what we term a “style”.


Use this option to get alist of the built in help topics. In
particular calling –help=options will list all the available
options and is always up to date.

This project is almost entirely based on the file format specification
document written by John Mechalas at the SourceForge project at


josm, qlandkarte(1).


mkgmap was originally written by Steve Ratcliffe
and has been improved by many other people since.

This manual page was written by Andreas Putzo , for
the Debian project (but may be used by others).

April 13, 2008 MKGMAP(1)