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pnmcat General Commands Manual pnmcat


pnmcat – concatenate portable anymaps


pnmcat [-white|-black] -leftright|-lr [-jtop|-jbottom] pnmfile pnmfile

pnmcat [-white|-black] -topbottom|-tb [-jleft|-jright] pnmfile pnmfile


Reads portable anymaps as input. Concatenates them either left to
right or top to bottom, and produces a portable anymap as output.

pamdice splits an image up into smaller ones.

pnmtile concatenates a single input image to itself repeatedly.


If the anymaps are not all the same height (left-right) or width (top-
bottom), the smaller ones have to be justified with the largest. By
default, they get centered, but you can specify one side or the other
with one of the -j* flags. So, -topbottom -jleft would stack the
anymaps on top of each other, flush with the left edge.

The -white and -black flags specify what color to use to fill in the
extra space when doing this justification. If neither is specified,
the program makes a guess.

All flags can be abbreviated to their shortest unique prefix.


pamdice, pnmtile, pamcut, pnm(5)


Copyright (C) 1989 by Jef Poskanzer.

12 March 1989 pnmcat

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