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pnmindex General Commands Manual pnmindex


pnmindex – build a visual index of a bunch of anymaps


pnmindex [-size N] [-across N] [-colors N] [-black] [-title T] [-quant|-noquant] pnmfile …


pnmindex creates an index image containing thumbnail (small) versions
of a bunch of PNM files you supply.

pnmindex labels each thumbnail and, optionally, contains a title.


-size N
The size of each thumbnail. The image is scaled to fit maxi‐
mally inside a N x N pixel box without changing its aspect
ratio. Default is 100.

-across N
The number of thumbnails in each row. Default is 6.

-colors N
The maximum number of colors allowed in the overall image. If
it would otherwise have more colors than these, pnmindex quan‐
tizes the result. The default is 256.

However, this value is meaningless if you specify the -noquant

-black This controls the color of the padding between the images; nor‐
mally it’s white and the labels are black lettering on white
background, but the -black flag reverses this.

-title title
Specifies a title top place at the top of the image. Default is
no title.

-quant Enables quanization (to the number of colors specified by -col‐
ors ). Quantization is on by default but you can disable it
with -noquant.

See -quant.


pnmscale, pnmcat, pbmtext, ppmquant, pnm(5)


Copyright (C) 1991 by Jef Poskanzer. -title and -noquant added 2000 by
John Heidemann.

9 January 1991 pnmindex

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