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ppmtopict – convert a portable pixmap into a Macintosh PICT file


ppmtopict [ppmfile]


Reads a portable pixmap as input. Produces a Macintosh PICT file as

The generated file is only the data fork of a picture. You will need a
program such as mcvert to generate a Macbinary or a BinHex file that
contains the necessary information to identify the file as a PICT file
to MacOS.

Even though PICT supports 2 and 4 bits per pixel, ppmtopict always gen‐
erates an 8 bits per pixel file.


The picture size field is only correct if the output is to a file since
writing into this field requires seeking backwards on a file. However
the PICT documentation seems to suggest that this field is not critical
anyway since it is only the lower 16 bits of the picture size.


picttoppm(1), ppm(5), mcvert(1)


Copyright (C) 1990 by Ken Yap .

15 April 1990 ppmtopict

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