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RDIFFDIR(1) User Manuals RDIFFDIR(1)


rdiffdir – compute and apply signatures and diffs to directories


rdiffdir [options] sig[nature] basis_dir signature_file

rdiffdir [options] delta full_sigtar {incr_sigtar} new_dir delta_file

rdiffdir [options] patch basis_dir delta_file

rdiffdir [options] tar basis_dir tar_file

If signature_file or delta_file are “-“, the data will be read from
stdin or written to stdout as appropriate.


rdiffdir is supposed to be like rdiff, but can operate on directories.
See rdiff for more information. The syntax is similar.

Regarding the delta command, the full_sigtar operand is a
signature_file written by an earlier signature or tar command (the
latter using the –write-sig-to option). The optional incr_sigtar
operands are signature files written by earlier delta commands using
the –write-sig-to option. This way the Nth invocation of the delta
command can parse (and extend) the signature chain that has been
founded by the first signature or tar command with a full signature,
and then extended by the subsequent N-1 delta invocations with
incremental signatures. It is the responsibility of the user to specify
the sigtar operands in logical increment order.


–write-sig-to sigfile
This option is only used in delta and tar modes. When
specified, rdiffdir will write a signature of the directory it
is processing to sigfile. The end result will be a delta and a
new signature calculated over the same data.

-z, –gzip-compress
Enable gzip compression and decompression of signature and delta



In signature and delta modes, rdiffdir accepts duplicity-like selection
options including –exclude, –exclude-filelist, etc. See the
duplicity manual page for more information.


Hard links are currently unsupported (they will be treated as non-
linked regular files).

Bad signatures will be treated as empty instead of logging appropriate
error message.


Original Author – Ben Escoto

Current Maintainer – Kenneth Loafman

Continuous Contributors
Edgar Soldin, Mike Terry

Also we’d like to thank everybody posting issues to the mailing list or
on launchpad, sending in patches or contributing otherwise. Duplicity
wouldn’t be as stable and useful if it weren’t for you.

A special thanks goes to rsync.net, a Cloud Storage provider with
explicit support for duplicity, for several monetary donations and for
providing a special “duplicity friends” rate for their offsite backup
service. Email info@rsync.net for details.


duplicity, python, rdiff, rdiff-backup(1).

Version 0.7.06 December 07, 2015 RDIFFDIR(1)

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