rhythmbox-client Man page

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rhythmbox-client – controls a running instance of rhythmbox


rhythmbox-client [option…][file…]


rhythmbox-client is a tool for controlling an already running instance
of rhythmbox. It’s useful for remote control scripting, adding spe‐
cific files to the library from the shell, or printing details of
what’s playing. It also has an interactive mode, useful for controlling
playback remotely via ssh. Any files specified after the option argu‐
ments will be added to the library. If the –enqueue option is given,
the files will also be added to the play queue.


Show help options

Enable debug output

Do not start a new instance of rhythmbox

–quit Quit rhythmbox

Start interactive mode –no-present Don’t present an existing
rhythmbox window

–next Jump to next song

Jump to previous song

–play Resume playback if currently paused

Pause playback if currently playing

Toggle play/pause mode

–stop Stop playback if currently playing

Play a specified URI, importing it if necessary

Add specified tracks already in the library to the play queue

Empty the play queue before adding new tracks

Print the title and artist of the playing song

Print formatted details of the song (see FORMAT OPTIONS below).

Set the playback volume

Increase the playback volume

Decrease the playback volume

Print the current playback volume

Select the source corresponding to a URI (device or mount point)

Select the source corresponding to a URI (device or mount point)
and start playing from it if not already playing.

Select the source corresponding to a URI (device or mount point)
and start playing from it.



%at album title

%aa album artist

%aA album artist (lowercase)

%as album artist sortname

%aS album artist sortname (lowercase)

%ay album year

%ag album genre

%aG album genre (lowercase)

%an album disc number

%aN album disc number, zero padded

%st stream title

%tn track number (i.e 8)

%tN track number, zero padded (i.e 08)

%tt track title

%ta track artist

%tA track artist (lowercase)

%ts track artist sortname

%tS track artist sortname (lowercase)

%td track duration

%te track elapsed time

Variables can be combined using quotes. For example “%tn %aa %tt”, will
print the track number followed by the artist and the title of the


This manual page was written by Sven Arvidsson , for the
Debian system (but may be used by others).



GNOME 2007-06-28 rhythmbox