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serialver – Returns the serial version UID for specified classes.


serialver [ options ] [ classnames ]

The command-line options. See Options.

The classes for which the serialVersionUID is to be returned.


The serialver command returns the serialVersionUID for one or more
classes in a form suitable for copying into an evolving class. When
called with no arguments, the serialver command prints a usage line.


-classpath path-files
Sets the search path for application classes and resources.
Separate classes and resources with a colon (:).

Displays a simple user interface. Enter the full class name and
press either the Enter key or the Show button to display the

Passes option to the Java Virtual Machine, where option is one
of the options described on the reference page for the Java
application launcher. For example, -J-Xms48m sets the startup
memory to 48 MB. See java.

The serialver command loads and initializes the specified classes in
its virtual machine, and by default, it does not set a security
manager. If the serialver command is to be run with untrusted classes,
then a security manager can be set with the following option:

When necessary, a security policy can be specified with the following


· policytool

· The class description at

JDK 8 21 November 2013 serialver

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