split-select Man page

SPLIT-SELECT(1) split-select Manual SPLIT-SELECT(1)


split-select – APK split and selection tool


split-select –help

split-select –target config –base path/to/apk [–split path/to/apk

split-select –generate –base path/to/apk [–split path/to/apk […]]


–help Displays more information about this program.

–target config
Performs the Split APK selection on the given configuration.

Generates the logic for selecting the Split APK, in JSON format.

–base path/to/apk
Specifies the base APK, from which all Split APKs must be based

–split path/to/apk
Includes a Split APK in the selection process.

Where config is an extended AAPT resource qualifier of the form
“resource-qualifiers:extended-qualifiers”, where “resource-qualifiers”
is an AAPT resource qualifier (ex: en-rUS-sw600dp-xhdpi), and
‘extended-qualifiers’ is an ordered list of one qualifier (or none)
from each category:

Architecture: armeabi, armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64, mips

Generates the logic for selecting a Split APK given some target Android
device configuration. Using the flag –generate will emit a JSON
encoded tree of rules that must be satisfied in order to install the
given Split APK. Using the flag –target along with the device config‐
uration will emit the set of Split APKs to install, following the same
logic that would have been emitted via JSON.



The Android Open Source Project.

Build-tools 23.0.1 8 October 2015 SPLIT-SELECT(1)