systemd-inhibit Man page



systemd-inhibit – Execute a program with an inhibition lock taken


systemd-inhibit [OPTIONS…] [COMMAND] [ARGUMENTS…]

systemd-inhibit [OPTIONS…] –list


systemd-inhibit may be used to execute a program with a shutdown, sleep
or idle inhibitor lock taken. The lock will be acquired before the
specified command line is executed and released afterwards.

Inhibitor locks may be used to block or delay system sleep and shutdown
requests from the user, as well as automatic idle handling of the OS.
This is useful to avoid system suspends while an optical disc is being
recorded, or similar operations that should not be interrupted.

For more information see the Inhibitor Lock Developer Documentation[1].


The following options are understood:

Takes a colon-separated list of one or more operations to inhibit:
“shutdown”, “sleep”, “idle”, “handle-power-key”,
“handle-suspend-key”, “handle-hibernate-key”, “handle-lid-switch”,
for inhibiting reboot/power-off/halt/kexec, suspending/hibernating,
the automatic idle detection, or the low-level handling of the
power/sleep key and the lid switch, respectively. If omitted,
defaults to “idle:sleep:shutdown”.

Takes a short, human-readable descriptive string for the program
taking the lock. If not passed, defaults to the command line

Takes a short, human-readable descriptive string for the reason for
taking the lock. Defaults to “Unknown reason”.

Takes either “block” or “delay” and describes how the lock is
applied. If “block” is used (the default), the lock prohibits any
of the requested operations without time limit, and only privileged
users may override it. If “delay” is used, the lock can only delay
the requested operations for a limited time. If the time elapses,
the lock is ignored and the operation executed. The time limit may
be specified in logind.conf(5). Note that “delay” is only available
for “sleep” and “shutdown”.

Lists all active inhibition locks instead of acquiring one.

-h, –help
Print a short help text and exit.

Print a short version string and exit.

Returns the exit status of the executed program.

# systemd-inhibit wodim foobar.iso

This burns the ISO image foobar.iso on a CD using wodim, and
inhibits system sleeping, shutdown and idle while doing so.


systemd, logind.conf(5)

1. Inhibitor Lock Developer Documentation

systemd 229 SYSTEMD-INHIBIT(1)