appstreamcli Man page



appstreamcli – Handle AppStream metadata and the AppStream index


appstreamcli [COMMAND]


This manual page documents briefly the appstreamcli command.

appstreamcli is a small helper tool to work with AppStream metadata and
access the AppStream component index from the command-line. The
AppStream component index contains a list of all available software
components for your distribution, matched to their package names. It is
generated using AppStream XML or Debian DEP-11 data, which is provided
by your distributor.

For more information about the AppStream project and the other
components which are part of it, take a look at the AppStream pages at[1].


Display various information about the installed metadata and the
metadata cache.

get ID
Get a component by it’s identifier.

s, search TERM
Search the AppStream component database for a given search term.

what-provides TYPE TERM
Return components which provide a given item. An item type can be
specified using the TYPE parameter, a value to search for has to be
supplied using the TERM parameter.


Get components which handle the “text/xml” mimetype.

appstreamcli what-provides mimetype “text/xml”

Get component which provides the “” library.

appstreamcli what-provides lib

refresh, refresh-index
Trigger a database refresh, if necessary. In case you want to force
the database to be rebuilt, supply the –force flag.

This command must be executed with root permission.

dump ID
Dump the XML description of a component with the given ID.

validate FILES
Validate AppStream XML metadata for compliance with the

Both XML metadata types, upstream and distro XML, are handled. The
filetype which should be validated is determined automatically.

The –pedantic flag triggers a more pedantic validation of the
file, including minor and style issues in the report.

validate-tree DIRECTORY
Validate AppStream XML metadata found in a file-tree.

This performs a standard validation of all found metadata, but also
checks for additional errors, like the presence of .desktop files
and validity of other additional metadata.

install ID
Install a software component by its ID.

This resolves the AppStream component ID to the package name which
provides it and then calls the distribution’s package manager to
install the software.

This feature is experimental.

put FILE
Install a metadata file into the right directory on the current

Print out more information about a found component.

Don’t print colored output.

Display the version number of appstreamcli


pkcon (1).


This manual page was written by Matthias Klumpp


Copyright © 2012-2016 Matthias Klumpp


AppStream 26 July,2012 APPSTREAMCLI(1)