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UNICODE_START(1) General Commands Manual UNICODE_START(1)


unicode_start – put keyboard and console in unicode mode


unicode_start [font [umap]]


The unicode_start command will put the keyboard and console into Uni‐
code (UTF-8) mode.

For the keyboard this means that one can attach 16-bit U+xxxx values to
keyboard keys using loadkeys, and have these appear as UTF-8 input
to user programs. Also, that one can type hexadecimal Alt-xxxx using
the numeric keypad, and again produce UTF-8.

For the console this means that the kernel expects UTF-8 output from
user programs, and displays the output accordingly.

The parameter font is a font that is loaded. It should have a built-in
Unicode map, or, if it hasn’t, such a map can be given explicitly as
second parameter. When no font was specified, the current font is

Unicode mode is a parameter with a value per virtual console. However,
usually the font and keymap is common to all consoles.


dumpkeys, kbd_mode, loadkeys, unicode_stop, utf-8(7), set‐

3 Feb 2001 UNICODE_START(1)

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